Fashion Fortune

Fashion Fortune

Fashion Fortune is a time management game in which you own a boutique
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Fashion Fortune is a time management game in which you own a boutique and you have to do everything in your power to continue in business. This means you have to sell as many clothes as you can per level in the alloted time in order to reach at least the normal goal. Each level has also an expert goal, that if reached, gives you extra money. The customers look always the same but they have different patience levels, so you have to satisfy them as quickly as possible in order to get more money from them, or otherwise you will lose them. With the money you get from the sales, you can buy new items for your store like extra changing rooms, more clothes, chairs, etc. These can help you move things a little bit faster or at least recreate the customers while they wait their turn. In between levels, there are hidden object mini-games, which are not really challenging and cannot be skipped. However, they are fun and add some variety. As you progress in the game, it gets harder and harder, so you will have to move really fast if you wish to win.
The game features excellent cute graphics and sound effects, but this is not enough to recommend this game. It really gets repetitive after some time playing it and doesn't offer anything new to the genre. If you are a real fan of time management games, I suggest you to try it and decide for yourself whether it is worth buying it or not.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Good graphics and effects
  • Fun hidden object mini-games
  • Gets challenging as you progress


  • Gets repetitive after some time
  • Nothing new
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